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Ergonomi, Tips
Are you working properly?

If you want to adapt your work environment ergonomically we recommend that you book a free meeting with one of our ergonomic specialists. Here is some ergonomic "first-aid advice" that you can do on your own .


Regardless of how well and correctly you sit, you are dependent on movement and regular pauses in order to avoid repetitive strain injuries over time.


The chair should be able to be adjusted so that it is suitable for your particular work situation. The seat and back of the chair should be able to be adjusted separately and the seat back should be adjustable for both the height and angle. Naturally the height of the chair should also be adjustable. Check that your feet reach the ground and you have good lumbar back support. You should sit firmly and 2/3 of your thigh should rest on the chair seat. First adjust your chair to suit you. When you have done that, adjust the desk to suit you when you are sitting on the chair.


The desk height should be adjusted so you rest your forearms and hands on the desk or on a forearm support. Make sure you are sitting with a straight back. You should not need to bend your back to reach the desk nor raise your shoulders to your ears if your desk is too high.


Place the screen so that you avoid reflections as much as possible. Ensure that you have the screen on a level with your eyes. You should not need to twist your head sideways to see the screen. The principal rule for screen height is that there should be a 15-30 degree angle from the eye to the mid-point of the screen. That is why the CPU processor should not be permanently under the screen. The distance from face to screen should be between 60 - 80 cm, depending on your screen size and your vision.

Keyboard and mouse

Both the keyboard and mouse should lie a little bit in on the desk so you have room to rest your forearms and hands in front of the keyboard. You can also use a forearm support that gives you a more comfortable area and a better transfer to mouse and keyboard. Check that the mouse is not too far away from the keyboard.

Keyboard short-cuts

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